How to include products in a bundle to sell as one item

To include products in a bundle to sell together, this is called a Smart Bundle. You can add products that you have already created and are already in your store. You can also create a product that you want to sell only in the bundle and have it “hidden” in the normal store front. A Smart Bundle is the parent product and what you are doing is attaching “child products” to it. Like mentioned the child products are either already found in your store front or are hidden products only found in your bundle.

To create a “Smart Bundle” first create all the products that you want to have in the bundle, like you normally would create them, before you create the main product of the “Smart Bundle”… all of the “child products” that are included in the bundle are separately created or can be products already in the storefront.

Start by going to Product then Add New
Once in the Product edit screen, in the first large box type out the entire bundle description, including details of each item you are going to combine in the bundle.
Then under the “long description” area, in the section where you set the price of the product, click on the Drop down menu next to Product Data, the default says “Simple Product” switch it to say “Smart Bundle”
The text in that entire editing box will change.  In that same editing box next to where it says “Search” (see the green arrow) type in the first product that you already have created. So lets say you want to add a bundle of one Oyster, one Surprise Tart and one Mystery Box. In that search box type at least the first 3 letters of the item you want to add.  When you see the product you want to include click on it. Then repeat for every product you want to bundle together. Where you see the blue arrow add the numbers of the products of each item you want. Say you want 3 oysters and one of each of the others. Then add more product counts in the boxes by the blue arrow.
The Pink arrow is where you would set a Percentage Off of the total bundle price. Or by clicking on the link shown by the purple arrow you can set the Sale Price.
In the two boxes near the black arrow, you set the wordage above and below the product list.
You will want to set the main Product Image, just like you do for any other product.
Don’t forget you will also want to type out the description in the long description box of every item described. The customer will not normally see the description of each item individually without clicking on the item in the list under the price in the customer view product screen. Which is not a normal customer store behavior.
Make sure you have set the Short Product description at the bottom and the Product Title at the very top. Include any category you would like to include. You can also create a new Sale or Bundle category as well and include the bundle in both the bundle category and also each of the other categories of the child items you included. It’s all up to you.