How does it all work


So you are thinking about selling on your own. First let me say welcome to Farmgirl Oysters. We are here to help you get your own business started selling what ever you would like. This is not a direct sales company and is not a MLM. You are a separate business from everything even separate from us.

We started this business to give folks the opportunity to develop their own business. We knew that the hardest part was getting the online storefront set up and that’s why we are here, to get you going online.  We have storefronts that are each independent from our other clients.

You can start selling the instant you receive them. You can add more additional products to your store on sign up or wait till later. You can buy items at wholesale from here at Farmgirl Oysters and then use the suggested retail price we set in your storefront or raise or lower prices based on your goals. You are your own store. You set sale prices,sales and markups based on your demand.

Any difference between your purchase price from us to what it is sold for in your store during your party is all your profit! We have a recommended price based on the market, but you set the prices as you would like to have them at. You are your own business! More profits for you and quicker income.  You get to have the fat wallet!


So how does it all work –

  • There is no kit to buy. You can purchase at wholesale from us.
  • Your first month is $39 to help set your storefront. Then for a reoccurring  $14.95 a month you get an instant running storefront. To set up a store front and supply images to your store of the base products and for inherent server fees and management. Subscribe here  For every sign up you refer you get $15 in free products from us! You receive a discount in the cart on your next purchase.
  • Products at wholesale – You get to purchase products at our wholesale price and sell them on your store.  You can stay with the base set of products we put in your storefront, add more products that we offer, and or you can add your own products to your store by yourself. Even grannies cookies!
  • You purchase wholesale, keep them at your home/business. And you sell the items you have on stock. You can manage that through your store front. Your online store will have a running inventory. So let’s say you buy 10 jewelry bombs. As you sell them online.  You instantly get paid, and you can repurchase at wholesale price a replacement set if you choose to.
  • All of this can be done even before the party. So if  you have a party  on Friday night and you have a customer that purchased 5 of items on Monday before the party, you can take that income because you get paid at the point of sale, and repurchase 5 more items at wholesale right away. That way you have your stock replenished as soon as possible and you can start another party as soon as you receive your new inventory.
  • Your storefront will instantly be able to to start accepting Credit Cards and Paypal.
  • A online video on how to add that product to your store can be provided. If it is a little overwhelming, we can add those items to your store for a small set up fee per item. If you say make your own jewelry or handmade items you want to sell, you can take quality photos and write out your description and sale price and we can arrange to add those to your store, or you can do it on your own.


Many of you have known us for a while and know we are also a brand new company. We just want to provide a service to help you achieve the goals you thought were possible. We are starting with a baseline set of products. We plan to add more as the days and weeks go on. We will continue to build and grow the set of products we make available at wholesale cost to you. Please understand in the beginning there will only be a base set of products but we plan to quickly increase those. Again we are here for you. This is a new venture and we plan to make sure you are happy and your wallets are fat.

To get started you’ll need to provide us:

  • Business email – You will need a separate business email address
  • Business mailing address – Your PO Box or home address for shipping labels
  • Your store name and domain name – It is best if they match. You do need to have a domain name. They are inexpensive and can be bought just about anywhere like places such as Google, Godaddy and others. You will be responsible to renew the rights to that domain name on a yearly basis with who ever you purchase it through. When you pick your own domain name it is best if it’s short, around two to 3 words, easy to remember and easy for customers to type out.
  • A background image for your new store front if you don’t want a generic image we provide. You can pick from ours here. If you want your own unique image it is better to have it be your own photo, or a purchased image from sites like,, and others – google stock images. You can not just save an image online without paying for it. This way there is no copyright violations. You can always edit a photo for free on sites like,, and others. Just google online photo editor.
  • You will need to setup a account (not just – it has to have an attached email address)  to accept online transactions. Paypal also has card readers you can get to swipe credit cards at live vendor parties. You can decide which is best for you.
  • Check your state for a State Sales Tax Exemption – It’s not required but at a later date you can look into it. You might need a certificate for purchasing items with out tax. Since you will be buying and then reselling items you may be exempt from paying sales tax when you purchase your product from us.   Since an item can only have sales tax paid once, the items you purchase to resell do not need to have sales tax applied. Your customers will pay sales tax though as they are the end buyer of that item. Check you local state tax laws to see if this applies.


If you are ready to start:

Start your initial storefront setup Here


Fill out this Google Doc


Once received and verified, we will begin to build your site. We will email you at your provided business email address the login information to your storefronts backend software platform.

Some great video and documentation guides on

How to create your first product

How to manage the Order Screen

How to make a coupon

for more in depth settings and documentation you can go here

Any questions please contact us at:


[email protected]  FarmGirlOysters


Thanks for thinking about starting your own business with us,