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You can purchase a whole chicken that can feed a family for a couple days. Every portion of the bird is eaten.  Rarely do they have enough to purchase even half a bird. They make a couple meals off of one chicken, from the meat, to the bones used buy roasting, making stews and more.

Read some stories here of people and families who have already received their chicken.

100% of your entire purchase goes towards the chicken and delivery to a family in need.

Chicken is a delicacy in countries like Nigeria. Usually only eaten on holidays like Christmas or Easter, but only if they are fortunate to buy some piece of a bird sold in markets. Rarely do they get the needed protein and nutrients found in meat such as chickens.

If you see the chickens are OUT OF STOCK is it because they are being grown by a young man named Isaac on his family farm, once they are big enough to sell he lets us know and we update inventory.  If you see they are out of stock you might think about buying rice instead or Orphanage supplies is another option.

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